The JWST Calibration Reference Data System

Howard Bushouse (Space Telescope Science Institute), Perry Greenfield (STScI), Todd Miller (STScI)


The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Calibration Reference Data System (CRDS) will be used during the instrumental calibration phase of JWST data processing to select the calibration reference files (e.g. darks, flats, distortion models, etc.) to be used to calibrate each dataset. The CRDS will also be used to manage and deliver new reference files and to update the rules that determine which files are to be used with each science dataset. The CRDS design incorporates lessons learned from more than 20 years of use of the HST Calibration Database System (CDBS), allowing for easier management of the reference file mapping rules, web-based reference file delivery procedures, as well as on-line access to the system by off-site users who are reprocessing their data. We describe the overall requirements and system design, and show examples of the instrumental mapping rules that are used to associate individual reference files with particular JWST observation modes.

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