Improvement of Service Searching Algorithm in the JVO Portal Site

Satoshi Eguchi (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), Y. Shirasaki (NAOJ), Y. Komiya (NAOJ), Masatoshi Ohishi (NAOJ), Y. Mizumoto (NAOJ), Y. Ishihara (Fujitsu), J. Tsutsumi (Fujitsu), T. Hiyama (Fujitsu), H. Nakamoto (SEC), and M. Sakamoto (SEC)


The Virtual Observatory (VO) consists of a huge amount of astronomical databases which contain both of theoretical and observational data obtained with various methods, telescopes, and instruments.
Since the VO provides raw and processed observational data, astronomers can concentrate themselves on their scientific interests without awareness of instruments; all they have to know are which service provides the interested data.
On the other hand, services on the VO system will be better used if queries can be made by means of telescopes, wavelengths, and object types; currently it is difficult for newcomers to find desired ones.
We have recently started a project towards improving the data service functionality and usability on the Japanese VO (JVO) portal site.
We are now working on implementation of a function to automatically classify all services on the VO in terms of telescopes and instruments without referring to the facility and instrument keywords, which are not always filled in most cases.
In the paper, we report a new algorithm towards constructing the facility and instrument keywords from other information of a service, and discuss its effectiveness.
We also propose a new user interface of the portal site with this algorithm.

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