VO Paris Data Centre (VO-PDC)

Franck Lepetit (Observatoire de Paris), J. Aboudarham (VO-PDC, LESIA, Paris Observatory), W. Thuillot (VO-PDC, IMCCE, Paris Observatory), P. Le Sidaner (VO-PDC, DIO, Paris Observatory) , F. Le Petit (VO-PDC, LUTH, Paris Observatory), and the VO-PDC partners


VO-Paris Data Centre (VO-PDC) is a new data centre that consists of nine laboratories in Paris area. It is specialized in the development of Virtual Observatory services. The objective of this federation is to build a sustainable infrastructure to offer high quality diffusion services to the community. It is also an opportunity to build a place to promote exchanges and share expertise on the development of VO services between scientists and computer engineers.

VO-PDC is multidisciplinary. Its main axes are :

* the development of an infrastructure for the diffusion of atomic and molecular data of interest for astrophysics. This is done in the context of the VAMDC European project. Up to now several databases are available: BASECOL, a database devoted to collisional ro-vibrational excitation of molecules, Stark-B, a database of calculated atomic line width/shift due to electron and ion collisions, TipTopBase a database of opacities.

*the development of theoretical services. These services cover fields from the physics of the interstellar medium (as the PDR services) and star formation (Starformat database) to large simulations in cosmology (DEUVO database) and galaxies interactions and dynamics (Galmer services). These services are done in strong collaboration with the VO-Theory Interest Group of IVOA.

* the diffusion of data related to planetology in close collaboration with Europlanet. This covers services of ephemerides and identification of small solar system objects (SkyBot services), as well as diffusion of data from spatial missions.

* the development of services for heliospheric and solar physics such as BASS 2000. These projects are done in the context of the HELIO European project.

* VO-PDC also publishes data of several instruments in which scientists of the partners laboratories are involved (Giraffe, FUSE, ...) as well as catalogues (exoplanet.eu) and surveys (VOPSAT, H I, ...). It is also P.I of VO-GAFF, the French service for reference systems.

Members of VO-PDC participate to the definition of standards at different levels : IVOA and European programs such as VAMDC, Europlanet, HELIO, and CASSIS.

The development and the sustainability of these services rely on an infrastructure based on virtualization and mirroring on several sites that allow strong scalability and security.

In this presentation, we will present VO-Paris data center and the different services it offers to the community.

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