Evolution of the IVOA Characterisation Data Model

François Bonnarel (Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg / CDS / Strasbourg University/ CNRS), Mireile Louys (LSIIT, CDS, Strasbourg University)
Igor Chilingarian (Cfa, Observatoire de Strasbourg CDS / SAI MSU)


The Characterisation data model (DM) is a standard of the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) that describes observational datasets in the multi-dimensional parameter space. Defining three properties: coverage, resolution, and sampling along different physical axes (e.g. spatial, spectral, flux) with variable level of details for the description, this model has been used in several IVOA contexts: Simple Spectral Access Protocol, Spectrum Data Model, ObsTAP (Table Access Protocol for the Core Components of the Observation Data Model). A new version of the Characterisation DM (version 2.0) adresses more completely the most detailed description level dealing with variation maps of coverage, resolution, and sampling. It also introduces new specific axes in order to cover various photometric measurements, velocity and polarimetry. Special care is given for composed data sets. These improvements and add-ons follow the evolution of needs expressed to the uptake of VO tools in various observation domains, specially in the context of ObsTap development. This is also introduced to tackle use-cases designed to analyse scientifically datasets in the Vo context together with callibration/provenance information.

We will focus on the dialectical development process of data models for the interoperability. First developped to fulfill the requirements of some very specific use cases, they are modified according to the occurence of new use cases or to the feedback of first implementations in other VO protocols...

Paper ID: P016

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