LOFAR Long Term Archive Data Model

Adriaan (G.A.) Renting (ASTRON), H.A.Holties (ASTRON)


An overview of the LOFAR Long Term Archive (LTA) is given and the role of the LTA within the LOFAR project is described. The LOFAR LTA data model describes in detail how the different modes of data collection (Correlation, Tied Array, Transient Buffer Board) and processing (Radio Sky Imaging, Pulsar Search and Characterization, Transient and Cosmic-Ray detection) are modelled and how the different types of current and future data products (MeasurementSets, RadioSkyImages, BeamFormedData, CosmicRayImages, DynamicSpectra, Time-Series, Rotation Measure Synthesis) are represented.

Paper ID: P126

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