Subaru Telescope Archive at Middle-Age

Tom Winegar (Subaru Telescope - NAOJ), Junichi Noumaru (Subaru Telescope - NAOJ)


The Subaru Telescope Archive has passed its 10-year anniversary - and enters the second decade of operation with older problems needing correction, upcoming concerns requiring preparation and planned action, and future redirection to parallel modern trends and reduce costs.

For example, we have recently modified the threshold for opening data to the public and began consistently storing engineering data.

We have current short-term plans to accept Rice-compressed observation data and require FITS keyword/values CHECKSUM and DATASUM in all new frames.

In addition, we are considering to accept reduced data, public versus private bandwidth for transfer between archives, and utilize distributed-file-systems software on commodity-hardware as an alternative to expensive RAIDs.

Paper ID: P162

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