Development of a GPU-based wideband receiver at the Nancay radio telescope

Jean Borsenberger (Observatoire de Paris (GEPI)), P.Colom (Observatoire de Paris, LESIA), J.M. Martin (Observatoire de Paris, GEPI), G. Kenfack (Observatoire de Paris, USN)


We present here some scientific and technical motivations about -- and the development of --a new wide-band digital receiver, with high dynamic range and large computing power. The main purpose of this receiver is to observe with wide bandwidths and high time resolution at the Nançay Radio Telescope (NRT).
The scientific objectives are the monitoring of the continuum flux of extragalactic radio sources, the search for the HI line both in emission in redshifted galaxies and in absorption toward quasars, while limiting the impact of Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI).

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