The Digitiser and Archive Facility at teh Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB)

Jean-Pierre De Cuyper (Royal Observatory of Belgium), J.-P. De Cuyper & G. de Decker et al.


The Digitiser and astronomical plate Archive facility at ROB is involved in the EU FP7 ESPaCE (European Satelite Partnership for Computing Ephemerides) project to digitise the photographic glass plates of the natural satelites of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn taken with a.o. the USNO 26′ refractor by Dan Pascu over a period of 30 years. Also some plates from Pluto taken at USNO Flagstaff, at Lowell Observatory and at the Pulkovo Observatory are being digitised, in order to estimate the astrometric precision obtainable from the fitted positions in the digitised images and improvement this has on the planetary ephemerides

Paper ID: P030

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