Willem-Jan Vriend (Rijksuniversity Groningen (RuG)), E.A. Valentijn (RuG), A.N. Belikov (RuG), G.A. Verdoes Kleijn (RuG)


Title: Astro-WISE, an astronomical information system.

Astro-WISE stands for Astronomical Wide-field Imaging System for Europe. Astro-WISE is an information system consisting of hardware and software federated over about a dozen institutes all over Europe. It has been developed to scientifically exploit the ever increasing avalanche of data produced by astronomical optical and near-infrared surveys. Astro-WISE is an all-in-one system: it allows survey teams to archive raw data, calibrate data, perform scientific analysis, share results between users of the system and publish the data in Virtual Observatory. The system architecture links together all these commonly discrete steps in data analysis. The complete data lineage, including the input, output, and the software code used, for arbitrary data volumes is feasible thanks to the Target paradigm devised by the creators of Astro-WISE.

Astro-WISE is being used for dozen of wide-field images and various surveys, for example from OmegaCAM-VST, VIRCAM-VISTA, WFI-ESO 2.2m, ACS-HST. The Target paradigm and WISE infrastructure is ported to different regimes: spectroscopy (MUSE), radio interferometry (LOFAR) and beyond astronomy (Target).

Main features of the Astro-WISE information system:
* no local installation needed to use it
* can be installed everywhere with off-the-shelf hardware
* fully scalable
* can work with data of wide range of instruments
* automatically share results with your collaborators
* specially developed system of authorization and authentication
* provides a web-based browser (called DB Viewer) to view an arbitrary subset of data of an arbitrary project at each stage of the processing (e.g., final catalogs, calibrated images of an imaging survey using multiple instruments, raw science data, raw calibration data)
* provides web-tools to process arbitrary amounts of data
* provides a command-line prompt with the same capabilities
* based on the Python programming language
* easy to add your own analysis code in python
* wrapping of code written in fortran, C, etc. is straight-forward
* access to computing power via computer clusters (compute-grid infrastructure is part of the system)

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