Entity-relationship Model for ALMA.

Fernando Morales (The ALMA Observatory)


In the ALMA Archive, the observations metadata are stored as a set of XML documents according to an object-oriented design. This work provides a fully Entity-Relationship Model for the ALMA observatory, including the Alma Project Data Model (APDM) and the Alma Science Data Model (ASDM).

A new data model has been proposed and all the metadata have been migrated into this new entity-relationship model, allowing the access to those data in a relational way and using regular SQL language.

It is now possible to write very fast and simple queries to browse, query, analyze and mining into ALMA metadata. Also, it is included with the package, a set of queries and reports to monitor and extract useful information.

As a consequence of using a standard entity-relationship model, it is possible to use a big set of third-party database applications available today to navigate, query and report the data.

This new model can be used as a starting point of new applications and projects needing to access the ALMA metadata in a fast, easy and standardized way; expanding the scope of the Archive content.

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