SedImporter: a tool and an extensible framework for constructing interoperable Spectral Energy Distribution data files.

Omar Laurino (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory), Raffaele D'Abrusco (SAO), Mark Cresitello-Dittmar (SAO), Janet Evans (SAO), Jonathan McDowell (SAO)


The SedImporter enables the seamless analysis and exploration of photometric and spectroscopic data by allowing users to combine their own data files with archival data extracted from VAO services and convert that data into the standard IVOA SED Data Model format.

It was developed as a stand alone module in support of Iris, the Virtual Astronomical Observatory's Spectral Energy Distribution Analysis Tool.

The SedImporter is designed to be flexible enough to serve a wide range of specific use cases through its various components.

The Graphical User Interface allows users to build standard multi-segment spectro-photometric SEDs from local and remote files. It supports files conforming to IVOA standards and provides a mechanism for mapping non-compliant files stored in the most common file formats. It also allows users to fetch SEDs served from the NASA Extragalactic Database SED service.

The tool is interoperable with Iris and other VO enabled tools through SAMP, the Simple Applications Messaging Protocol.

Much photometric and spectroscopic data is stored by single users and large collaborations using custom formats: the SedImporter provides a dedicated Software Development Kit which allows third party developers to extend the SedImporter supported file formats, allowing
the users to build a library of dynamically loaded plug-ins.

The Command Line Interface provides flexibility in how users can apply the SedImporter functionality. For example, one could generate a script which applies a custom conversion to a large set of files.

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