SAMP AppLauncher - An on-demand VO application starter by JMMC

Sylvain Lafrasse (CNRS - IPAG - JMMC), Laurent BOURGES (IPAG), Guillaume MELLA (IPAG)


SAMP is the dedicated VO protocol [] to ensure data exchange between compatible astronomical software running on your desktop. However, one SAMP weakness lies in its requirement to have interoperable applications already running in order to gracefully ensure communication between them.

To circumvent this requirement, we present a dedicated application, plus some new SAMP specifications,focused on Java software accessible through the Java WebStart distribution system (JNLP) at this stage.

Our AppLauncher software fakes any described application by registering stub clients on the central SAMP hub. When one of the synthesized client is accessed by any third-party software, AppLauncher takes the responsibility to start the true application, and then forwards the waiting message once fully started.

To achieve this, JMMC proposes a set of new SAMP key-value pair to hold JNLP URLs. In the future,other kind of software packages technology could also be supported. We also want to standardize this solution, and get one central registry-like interoperable repository of compatible software, in order to open our mechanism to any third-party SAMP application provider.

In conclusion, we present our own use case, which demonstrates the seamless integration of JMMC [] applications specialized in the optical interferometry field. Our tool suite aims to help astronomers using the most powerful optical interferometers facilities, from the initial observation preparation phase up to the final observed data analysis.

Paper ID: P076

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