AITAS : Assembly Integration Test data Archiving System

Jean-Charles Meunier (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille), J.-C. Meunier, LAM (Laboratoire dʼAstrophysique de Marseille)
F. Madec, LAM
A. Vigan, LAM
M. Nowak, LAM


The aim of AITAS is to automatically archive and index data acquired from an instrument
during test and validation phase. AITAS product has been built initially to fulfil the needs
of the IRDIS-SPHERE (ESO-VLT) project to archive and organise data during the test
We have developed robust and secure tools to retrieve data from the acquisition
workstation, build an archive and index data by keywords to provide search functionality
among large amount of data. This import of data is done automatically after setting some
configuration file.
In addition APIs and GUI client have been developed in order to retrieve data from a generic interface and use them in test processing phase. The end user is able to select data and retrieve using any criteria listed in the metadata of the files.
One main advantage of this system is that it is intrinsically generic so that it can be used in
instrument project in astrophysical laboratories without any further modifications.
This poster will present the AITAS infrastructure deployed for SPHERE-IRDIS at LAM, the GUI client and APIs used for searching and accessing data.


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