Data management aspects in the context Gaia's distributed processing

Jose Luis Hernandez Munoz (European Space Astronomy Centre (ESA)), Alexander Hutton (ESA/ESAC, Madrid, Spain)


Gaia is ESA's ambitious space astrometry mission with a foreseen launch date
around mid-2013. Its main objective is to perform a stellar census of the
1000 million brightest objects in our galaxy from which an astrometric catalog
of micro-arcsec level accuracy will be constructed. The reduction of Gaia's data is a convoluted process involving several European data centres distributed accross Europe.

At past ADASS meetings we have presented the tools developed to
support Collaborative Data Modelling in the distributed context
of Gaia. Ensuring that the right version of the data gets used at the right
place and time will be far from trivial.
We will describe how the data will be versioned and what will be
the mechanisms put in place in order to track its provenance and control
how the updated data gets used at the processing centres.

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