The database and associated VO services

Jean Schneider (Observatoire de Paris),
Pierre Le Sidaner, Renaud Savalle and Ivan Zolotukhi


We describe VO services associated to an online database for extra-solar
planetary-mass candidates (updated regularly as new
data are available). We first discuss briefly criteria for the
inclusion of objects in the catalog. We then describe the different
tables of extrasolar planetary systems. The main part of the presentation
will be VO services and online tools: histogrammes of planet and host star data, cross-correlations between these parameters,
cone search etc.

We incidentally show an example of an astrophysical discovery made
by using an unusual type of correlation.

Future evolutions of the database and associated VO services are presented.

A paper on the subject is in press in Astronomy and Astrophysics,
available at arxiv:1106.0586

Paper ID: P138

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