EREBOS Data Release: FORS2 Spectra of Post-Common Envelope Binaries

Published: 17 Apr 2018
Spectrum from EREBOS data release

The Eclipsing Reflection Effect Binaries from the OGLE Survey (EREBOS) project investigates the interaction of low-mass and sub-stellar companions of low-mass stars (Large Programme 196.D-0214, PI Veronika Schaffenroth). Several post-common envelope eclipsing binaries, with a hot sub-dwarf primary and a cool low mass companion were selected using the photometric results of the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE) and observed with FORS2 in long-slit mode.

This data release includes the reduced FORS2 1D spectra of the first observed nine targets, together with a source catalogue providing positions, magnitudes and orbital periods derived from the OGLE survey. An additional catalogue of all individual observations including epochs and derived orbital phases is also published. The data released come with extensive related documentation. The next planned releases for this Large Programme will publish additional spectra and updated catalogues, including additional atmospheric parameters and radial velocities.