Press Releases 2001

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eso0103-en-au — Organisation Release
"Physics on Stage" Festival Video Now Available
11 January 2001: This Video Clip is issued on the web in conjunction with the release of an 18-min documentary video from the Science Festival of the "Physics On Stage" programme. This unique event took place during November 6-11, 2000, on the CERN premises at the French-Swiss border near Geneva, and formed part of the European Science and Technology Week 2000, an initiative by the European Commission to raise the public awareness of science in Europe.
eso0102-en-au — Science Release
How to Become a Star
10 January 2001: How do stars like our Sun come into being? Which fundamental processes are responsible for transforming a dark and diffuse interstellar cloud of gas and dust into a much denser, shining object? Astronomers have just taken an important step towards answering this fundamental question. Based on the most detailed study ever made of the internal structure of a small interstellar cloud, three scientists from ESO and the USA [1] have found that it is apparently on the verge of becoming unstable - and thus in the stage immediately preceding a dramatic collapse into a dense and hot, low-mass star.
eso0101-en-au — Organisation Release
ESO PR Highlights in 2000
4 January 2001: At the beginning of the new millennium, ESO and its staff are facing the future with confidence. The four 8.2-metre Unit Telescopes of the Very Large Telescope (VLT) are in great shape and the VLT Interferometer (VLTI) will soon have "first fringes". The intercontinental ALMA project is progressing well and concepts for extremely large optical/infrared telescopes are being studied.
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