The FPOSS Software

What is FPOSS ?

The Fibre Positioner Observation Support Software (FPOSS) is the fibre configuration program for the preparation of FLAMES observations. It takes as input a file containing a list of target objects and generates a configuration in which as many fibres as possible are allocated to targets, allowing for the various instrumental constraints and any specified target priorities. It produces a file containing a list of allocations of fibres to targets, the so-called target setup file. This file needs to be included in one or more Observation Blocks (OBs) created with P2PP.

Current Version: FPOSS-1.42

Supported Platforms

The latest version of the FPOSS is available for Scientific Linux 4.3 and has been used successfully on other Linux operating systems as well. Please note that it is currently not possible to run FPOSS on the MacOS X platform. If you do not have access to a PC or workstation running Linux, please contact the USD for assistance.

FPOSS Installation

Unix Installation Procedure

To install FPOSS, you will need to retrieve the tarball for your operating system, unpack and install it, and start the FPOSS executable.

Please follow these steps:

  • Move to the directory where you want to install FPOSS.
  • Download the following tarball:
  • Unpack the tarball
  • gunzip -c fposs-1.42.Linux.tar.gz | tar xvf -
  • Move to the FPOSS bin directory and add it to your Unix PATH
  • cd FPOSS/bin
    setenv PATH ${PATH}:${PWD}

    Bash users:

    cd FPOSS/bin
    export PATH=${PATH}:${PWD}
  • Move to your working directory and execute FPOSS
  • cd $HOME/[working-directory]

If the FPOSS three main panels appear you have successfully installed FPOSS. You can delete the compressed TAR file.

Suggestion: Update Your Unix PATH Definitions

If you update the PATH definition in one of your rc or login files, you can run FPOSS by simply typing configure next time you login.

tcsh users must update one of the following files


with the following PATH line:

setenv PATH ${PATH}:${HOME}/FPOSS/bin

bash users must update the following file


with the following PATH line:

export PATH=${PATH}:${HOME}/FPOSS/bin

FPOSS Users' Manual

  • FPOSS User Manual (on the FLAMES documentation web page) The User Manual includes a step-by-step demonstration of using the software.

Please also check further the FPOSS Requirements and Recommendations

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