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The Venus Transit 2004

... the Gallery (176 - 200)!

What is your impression when you think about the Venus Transit? Do you think of the planet and its star, our Sun? The cosmic clockwork that keeps Venus in its orbit over billions of years? The people who travelled to distant shores in past centuries to make observations? The fun of observing the transit on June 8th?

Here are 25 fine drawings (click on them to see them larger) with the authors indicated:

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Tiago (5 years)
(Sobreda, Portugal)

Georgina (5 years)
(Exeter, UK)

Charlotte (7 years)
(Exeter, UK)

Kurtis (8 years)
(Halifax England)

Rebeca (8 years)
(Lisbon, Portugal)

Tilen (8 years)
(Medvode, Slovenia)

Klara (8 years)
(Medvode, Slovenia)

Kindergarten of Kaparelli

Luis (7 years)
(Figueira da Foz, Portugal)

Leonor (7 years)
(Figueira da Foz, Portugal)

Pedro (7 years)
(Figueira da Foz, Portugal)

Sofia (9 years)
(Guarda, Portugal)

Irina (3 years)
(Varna, Bulgaria)

Anastasia (8 years)
(Varna, Bulgaria)

ShaToya M. (17 years)
(Phoenix, USA)

Raquel (7 years)
(Figueira da Foz, Portugal)

Joao Francisco (5 years)
(Aveiro, Portugal)

Elena M. (7 years)
(Munich, Germany)

Alicia (8 years)
(Munich, Germany)

Natalia (7 years)
(Munich, Germany)

Carlos (8 years)
(Munich, Germany)

Anatina (6 years)
(Munich, Germany)

Céline (8 years)
(Munich, Germany)

Simon (7 years)
(Munich, Germany)

Josef (8 years)
(Munich, Germany)

You may also see all ~400 drawings on a single page. The winners are shown on this page.

All drawings on this and the other pages in the VT-2004 Gallery may be downloaded and used, provided the authors and the VT-2004 programme are indicated as source.

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