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The Venus Transit 2004

... How to Prepare Yourself for the Day of the Transit (4)!

A few days before...(around June 4, 2004)

Satellite image from Meteosat

Time is getting short now - here are some of the last preparations you need...

The VT-2004 Central Display goes active

Now the VT-2004 CENTRAL DISPLAY will become much more active, with frequently UPDATED REPORTS about the preparations, the prospects at the sites of the various professional telescopes, etc. The dissemination system with hundreds of AKAMAI mirror websites, specifically set up to handle the expected, large load on the VT-2004 website, will be activitated.

The weather!

How will be the WEATHER be on June 8th? Current meteorological forecasts are reasonably good at the regional level for some days, in some cases up to one week in advance. Services are provided by some of the large news providers and, of course, by the national meteorological services. Here are some useful links:

All prepared for the observations?

In case you intend to perform observations, don't forget to CHECK YOUR EQUIPMENT. And if you participate in the VT-2004 Observing Campaign, it may be useful to make a general rehearsal, with the observers present. There will be little time on June 8 to repair faulty equipment and to change the timing procedures!


If you have questions in this context, you may contact the organisers via email at or post them on the VT-2004 FORUM.

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