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The Venus Transit 2004

... Calculated Value of the Astronomical Unit (AU)

The calculated value of the AU based on the timings submitted by observers who participate in the VT-2004 Observing Campaign is displayed in this continuously updated diagramme. (courtesy of Jonathan Normand, IMCCE).

A short note concerning the calculation of the Astronomical Unit can be found here.

The red line corresponds to the true value of the AU. The blue filled rectangle corresponds to the interval of AU-values, as measured during the transits of 1874 and 1882. x1 = number of observers who have sent timings until now; x2 = number of timings sent until now. The green dot is the currently calculated value of the AU (weighted mean), based on all timings received so far (sum(AU sent)/(number of timings sent)). The time is counted from 05:00 UT on June 8, 2004. The blue dot shows the dispersion of the measurements.

This diagramme was last updated at CEST.