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The Venus Transit 2004

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This page contains various weblinks to other projects around this event and, in general, sites that contain information that is useful in this connection. It will be updated as new sites become known. It is not the intention to include all links, but rather to show those that are really useful, with original and informative content.

Please note that numerous links to websites that expect to carry "live" images during the transit on June 8, 2004, are available on this page.

Don't hesitate to inform the organisers of the ESO/EAAE Venus Transit 2004 project via email at if you know of links that should be inserted here.

General Description

Education and Projects

  • The Venus Project - an ambitious internet project for "Observing, Photographing and Evaluating the Transit of Venus, June 8th, 2004" organised by Professor Udo Backhaus (University of Essen, Germany), mainly directed towards schools and amateur astronomers with some astronomical equipment. Detailed explanation of methods etc. (in English)
  • Sun-Earth Education Forum - very comprehensive educational website with materials for different age groups
  • "Paper Plate Education" - another excellent website by Chuck Bueter (in English)

Tables and Graphics about Visibility of the Venus Transit, etc.

History, etc.

Commercial Products, Travels, etc.