List of accepted posters



JANUARY 15 - 19, 2001


List of accepted posters

Poster session 1: The Sun

P1.01 Briand, C., Aboudarham, J.
Spectro-polarimetry with THEMIS: Chromospheric high speed downflows in NOAA 9125

P1.02 Lopez Fuentes, M., Demoulin, P., Mandrini, C.H., van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.
Study of the abnormal evolution of the active region NOAA 7912

P1.03 Benevolenskaya, E.E., Kosovichev, A.G., Scherrer, P.H.
Large-Scale Patterns of Solar Magnetic Fields and Activity Cycles

P1.04 Mandrini, C.H., van Driel-Gesztelyi, L., Demoulin, P., Plunkett, S., Thompsom, B., Kovari, Zs., Aulanier, G. Magnetic evolution of a long-lived active region

P1.05 Lites, B.W., Shimizun, T.
Convergent Flows in an Emerging Delta Sunspot: More Evidence for Rising U-Loops

P1.06 Faurobert, M., Frisch, H., Nagendra, K.N.
Scattering polarization and Hanle effect: on the importance of angle-dependent frequency redistribution

P1.07 Fernandez Borda, R.A., Mininni, P.D., Mandrini, C.H., Gomez, D.O., Bauer, O.H., Rovira, M.G. Solar Flare Detection using Neural Networks

P1.08 Brockwell, C.P., Conway, A.J.
Physical-Statistical Models of Solar Magnetic Field Interaction

P1.09 Gomez, D.O., Dmitruk, P., Milano, L.J., Matthaeus, W.H.
Magnetic reconnection in reduced magnetohydrodynamics

P1.10 Mininni, P.D., Gomez, D.O.
Role of helicity fluctuations in kinematic dynamo models

P1.11 Rempel, M., Schuessler, M., Toth, G.
Storage and dynamics of of magnetic flux in the solar convection zone

P1.12 Tikhomolov, E.
Generation of the Magnetic Field by Turbulence Oscillating with 11-year period in Tachocline

P1.13 Lignieres, F., Mangeney, A.
Dynamo in a turbulent differentially rotating radiative envelope: a numerical study

P1.14 Kosovichev, A.G., Duvall, Jr, T.L., Scherrer, P.H.
Probing Magnetic Structures in the Solar Interior by Helioseismic Tomography

P1.15 Dzhalilov, N.S., Oraevsky, V.N., Staude, J.(*)
Low-frequency eigenoscillations of the differently rotating solar core

Poster session 2: Instrumentation

P2.01 Paletou, F., Molodij, G.
Multi-line spectropolarimetry at THEMIS

P2.02 IAC Solar Physics group and collaborators.
Observations of the Second Solar Spectrum with the Canary Islands Telescopes

P2.03 Lopez Ariste, A.
Real time inversion of spectropolarimetric data

P2.04 Rousselet-Perraut, K., Stehle, C., et al.
Simulation of interfero-polarimetric observations for magnetic stars

P2.05 Lehmann, H., Guenther, E.(*), Hatzes, A., Laux, U.
A fibre linked Zeeman analysator for the Tautenburg Coude spectrograph

P2.06 Magalhaes, A.M., Lepine, J., Gneiding, C., de Oliveira, C., Campos, R.P.
Spectropolarimetry with an integral field unit

Poster session 3: Non-degenerate stars

P3.01 Valenti, J.A., Johns-Krull, C.M., Piskunov, N.E.
Measuring Magnetic Fields on Very Cool Dwarfs: Initial Study of FeH as a Molecular Zeeman Diagnostic

P3.02 Valenti, J.A., Johns-Krull, C.M., Piskunov, N.E.
Magnetic Field Measurement for a K3V Pleiad

P3.03 Kochukhov, O., Piskunov, N., Valenti, J.A., Johns-Krull, C.M.
The search and modelling of magnetic fields on M dwarfs

P3.04 Strassmeier, K.G., Rice, J.B., Granzer, T., Weber, M.
Temperature surface imaging as a tracer of stellar magnetic fields

P3.05 Knaack, R., Fligge, M., Solanki, S.K.(*), Unruh, Y.C.
Stellar Irradiance Variations Caused by Magnetic Activity: The Influence of an Inclined Rotation Axis

P3.06 Saar, S.H., Brandenburg, A.
Further Analysis of Stellar Magnetic Cycle Periods

P3.07 Dikpati, M., Saar, S.H., Brummell, N., Charbonneau, P.
Magnetic cycles and activity in FGK stars in the framework of the Babcock-Leighton dynamo

P3.08 Korhonen, H., Berdyugina, S.V., Strassmeier, K.G., Tuominen, I.
Magnetic activity in FK Com

P3.09 Berdyugina, S.V., Korhonen, H., Tuominen, I.
Magnetic cycles in binaries and single stars

P3.10 Holzwarth, V., Schuessler, M.
Preferred longitudes of starspots on magnetically active close binaries

P3.11 Ryan, R.D., Neukirch, T., Jardine, M.M.
Saturation of X-ray emission in simple models of rapidly rotating stellar coronae

P3.12 Linsky, J.L., Skinner, S. Osten, R., Gagne, M.
Chandra Spectra of 4 Very Active Magnetic Stars: AB Dor, 44 Boo, Sigma2 CrB, and AU Mic

P3.13 Holzwarth, V., Schuessler, M., Solanki, S.K.
A model for the decline of coronal X-ray emission of cool giant stars

P3.14 Hussain, G.A.J., van Ballegooijen, A.A.,Jardine, M.
Modelling the coronal topology of late-type stars

P3.15 Kochukhov, O., Piskunov, N., Ilyin, I., Ilyina, S., Tuominen, I.
Magnetic Doppler Imaging of CP star alpha2 CVn

P3.16 Piskunov, N., Kochukhov, O.
Doppler Imaging reconstruction of stellar magnetic fields with spectropolarimetric data

P3.17 Bagnulo, S., Wade, G.A.
Mapping magnetic fields of Ap/Bp stars via direct inversion of Stokes IQUV profiles

P3.18 Khalack, V.R., Shavrina, A.V., Polosukhina, N.S.
Magnetic field modelling on the CP stars

P3.19 Gerth, E., Glagolevskij, Yu.V.
Magnetic Modeling of CP Stars

P3.20 Kochukhov, O., Ryabchikova, T., Piskunov, N.
Time resolved spectroscopy of rapidly oscillating magnetic star gamma Equ

P3.21 Zita, E.J.
Magnetic effects peculiar, pulsating stars

P3.22 Landolfi, M., Bagnulo, S.(*), Landi Degl'Innocenti, M., Landi Degl'Innocenti, E.
The Paschen-Back effect in fine and hyperfine structure: impact on polarized spectra of magnetic Ap stars

P3.23 Cowley, C.R., Mathys, G.(*), Hubrig, S.
Low Balmer Profiles In Some Cool Magnetic Ap Stars

P3.24 Stehle, C., Brillant, S., Mathys, G., Lanz, T.
Recent developments for Balmer line photopolarimetry

P3.25 Wahlgren, G.M.
On the lanthanides and broad spectrophotometric depressions for magnetic CP stars

P3.26 Wahlgren, G.M., Hubrig, S.
Identification of emission lines in the He-weak star 3 Cen A

P3.27 Wahlgren, G.M., Hubrig, S.
Optical emission lines in late-B type main sequence stars

P3.28 Wade, G.A., Bagnulo, S., Ryabchikova, T.A., Piskunov, N.
Chemical stratification in magnetic Ap stars

P3.29 Stift, M.J., Alecian, G.
Radiative accelerations in magnetic stars: the role of Zeeman splitting

P3.30 Vauclair, S.
Element Settling and Stellar Winds in Magnetic Stars : Results Obtained from the Observations of Chemical Abundances and oscillations

P3.31 Cure, M., Cidale, L.
Influence of magnetic geometry in Be-star disk formation due to rotation in line driven winds

P3.32 Neiner, C.
Search for magnetic fields in Be stars using the spectropolarimeter Musicos at TBL

P3.33 Shorlin, S.L.S., Wade, G.A., Donati, J.-F., Landstreet, J.D., Petit, P., Sigut, T.A.A., Strasser, S.
Spectropolarimetric Measurements of Longitudinal Fields Using LSD

P3.34 Chadid, M.
Magnetic Field in pulsating stars RR Lyrae: mission (im)possible?

P3.35 Nielsen, K., Wahlgren, G.M.
Magnetic field analysis - a matter of choosing appropriate spectral lines

P3.36 Huelamo, N., Neuhaeuser, R.
X-ray emission from early-type stars in Lindroos

P3.37 Thomas, J.H., Blackman, E.G., Frank, A., Markiel, J.A., Van Horn, H.M.
Dynamos in AGB Stars and Magnetic Shaping of Planetary Nebulae

Poster session 4: Degenerate stars

P4.01 Vennes, S., Ferrario, L., Wickramasinghe, D.T., Manson, K., Christian, D.J.
Zeeman-split lines from magnetised accretion flows in Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables

P4.02 Kanaan, A., Claver, C., Liebert, J., Nitta, A., Winget, D.E., Kepler, S.O.
The Origin of Strong Magnetic Fields in White Dwarfs

Poster session 5: Pre-main sequence stars

P5.01 Johns-Krull, C.M.,Valenti, J.A., Piskunov, N.E., Saar, S.H., Hatzes, A.P.
New Measurements of the Strength and Geometry of T Tauri Magnetic Fields: Testing Magnetospheric Accretion

P5.02 Koenig, B., Neuhaeuser, R., Stelzer, B.
X-ray emission of multiple T Tauri stars

P5.03 Dudorov, A.E.
Role of Magnetic Field in Star Formation Process