Science Operations 2015: Science Data Management - An ESO/ESA Workshop

ESO Garching, 24 - 27 November, 2015

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the European Space Agency (ESA) generate a significant fraction of science data from ground and space for the European astronomical community (and beyond). These data feed both direct PI use and use from the community at large through powerful science archives. The objective of the workshop is to present and discuss the various approaches to science data management.

Thereby, we intend to:

  • Compare and improve our processes and approaches.
  • Foster innovations.
  • Enable a more efficient use of our resources.
  • Establish and intensify collaborations, specifically exploring ways to enhance the value of the data through common strategies and practices.
  • Establish ways to collect community feedback and gauge the success and limitations of implemented solutions.
  • Explore synergies and mutual support of science operations for ground and space missions.

Topics include:

  • Quality assurance of science data and related calibrations.
  • Data reduction and analysis.
  • Science archives (content and user services).

A report on this ESO-ESA workshop can be found in the ESO Messenger, No. 163, March 2016.

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