Duologue 1

Dark Matter and MOND

Monday 27 April 2020: 15:30 CEST

Speakers (click on the names to see the slides)

    Dark Matter: Azadeh Fattahi (Durham, UK)

    MOND: Federico Lelli (Cardiff, UK)

Chair: Steffen Mieske (ESO)

The video of this Duologue is available on this youtube page.


Please in this brochure here the answers to all questions asked during the event.

Useful material

Here is a small subset of the available literature to familliarise yourself with the subject:


Historical and philosophical articles:

And two additional papers by Pavel Kroupa:


Dark Matter

  • Review by Carlos S. Frenk and Simon White (2012).
  • Review by P.J.E Peebles (2012).
  • Review by J. Bullock and M. Boylan-Kolchin (2017).

Some brief reviews by:

J. Navarro, D. Weinberg et al., A. Brooks