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ESO Search for Potential Astronomical Sites (ESPAS) Library

More informations on the Working Group at the ESPAS home page. See also the ESPAS publications.

Astroclimatology of Sites under Study by ESO and Other Groups:
-Chajnantor (Chile): a NRAO-NRO-Cornell-ESO Cooperation
-Antarctica: an International Cooperation
-Argentina: North-West Provinces (Catamarca, Salta, Jujuy)
-China: Chinese Large Telescope Site Survey
-Greece: Chelmos Observatory at Neraidorahi peak by the National Observatory of Athens.
-India: Devasthal, Site characterization for the UPSO-TIFR telescope.
-Mexico: San Pedro Martir.
-Morocco: Oukaimeden.
-Namibia: Gamsberg, Reports of the ESO-MPIA 1994-1995 site survey (postscript files).
-Ukraine: Terskol Peak (Russia), an observatory of the National Academy of Science, reference.
-Uzbekistan: Maidanak, an INTAS Cooperation Program.

Sites not yet investigated:
-Arctic: an exhaustive report on Arctic Astronomy including AVHRR polar satellite data by Liviu Ivanescu. Generalities about the Greenland Ice Cap by Holger Pedersen. Geography and Climatology on the GRIDA site.
-Lebanon: Regional Observatory Project
-Iran: site evaluation workshop at IASBS, Zanjan, 2001. Astronomy in the 10th century.
-Portugal: Madeira, Generalities and Bibliography
-The Stratosphere: Generalities and Bibliography

Related Topics:
- OH Emission.
-Atmospheric Dust
- Outer Scale of the turbulence and references
-Vertically integrated water vapour (Feb. 96, average + anomaly)and latest updates. See also the Chapman Conference Report: Water Vapor in the Climate System . Interesting comparison of opacity (Chile-Mauna Kea) in the NRAO MMA Site Survey Also instruments such as the Microwave Water Radiometer from the US Dept. of Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Programm.
-Cloud Cover: the Apache Point Observatory IR All-Sky Camera and the ARM Whole Sky Imager. Worldwide Clear Skies survey (NORT project).
-Sky background in space - Earthquakes.
- El Niño.

Related Institutions:
-Mauna Kea: Keck image quality reports.
-Canary Islands: Tenerife Meteorology, ENO (ORM, OT) site pages, ATST site testing, Office for the Protection of the Quality of the Sky.

-Mexico: Mexican Astronomy Institutions
-Egypt: Kottamia Observatory

Projects looking for a site:
-California Extremely Large Telescope, CELT (University of California / LICK Observatories).
-Cornell Atacama Telescope (Cornell University).
-Maximum Aperture Telescope (MAXAT), now Giant Segmented Mirror Telescope (GSMT, AURA). See related ("La Serena workshop
-Overwhelmingly Large Telescope, OWL (ESO)
-Network of Oriental Robotic Telescopes, NORT.

Links to Global Database:
-World data of cloudiness, precipitable water vapour, climatology and more...

Sites Picture Gallery:
- Mauna Kea Aerial view and close-up
-La Palma Satellite Image
-Antartica satellite view, map showing DOME C location and CIA map
- Gamsberg (Namibia), Aerial view

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