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Single star Cn2 Profiler


MASS: Multi Aperture Scintillation Sensor

The new technique proposed by A. Tokovinin (now with CTIO, Chile) is developed by V. Kornilov (Sternberg Institute, Moscow) under contract with ESO, in the frame of the VLT Adaptive Optics Program. Check updates on A. Tokovinin's web page describing worldwide MASS activity. Some additional -unusual- photos (1, 2, 3, 4) taken during commissioning at Tololo.


MASS-LITE, an optimized version of the original MASS instrument, started automated operation at La Silla in December 2003. MASS-LITE was moved to Paranal in September 2004. An upgrade of the piggy back mechanichal interface with DIMM took place in October 2006.


MASS-DIMM, a combination of MASS and DIMM optical pupil dissection within the original MASS instrument. Four MASS-DIMM units (without DIMM detector and software) were assembled and commissioned in June 2006, one started operation at Paranal in September 2006, and was moved to La Chira in November 2006.

MASS Prototype Campaign Summaries

MASS@Paranal February '03 : 10-11 February 2003

MASS@Paranal March '03 : 10-24 March 2003

MASS@Paranal September '03 : 16-29 September 2003

MASS@Paranal March & September '03 : Summary

MASS@TolarGrande, Argentina March '05 onwards

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