FORS (part 1)
Diving into the Lagoon Nebula
Pan over the Lagoon Nebula
ESO Movie 06: Paranal – The Best Site for the Largest Telescope
ESO Council on Paranal (part 3)
VIP Visit at Paranal (part 5)
VIP Visit at Paranal (part 6)
ESO Council on Paranal (part 2)
VLT Structure
VIP Visit at Paranal (part 4)
VIP Visit at Paranal (part 7)
ESO Council on Paranal (part 4)
VIP Visit at Paranal (part 2)
VIP Visit at Paranal (part 3)
VLT Construction Site
VIP Visit at Paranal (part 1)
1997 VLT Structure
 Panning across the region of the star cluster NGC 6604
An infrared/visible light comparison of views of the Helix Nebula (unannotated)
ESO Movie 05: The Tails of Comet Halley
VLT Mirror Transport
Video News Release 10: Videosequences of the Very Large Telescope Array
Transporting the VLT Mirror - France 1993 - clip 5
Opening of the Unit Telescope Observing Slit
Sunset at Paranal
ESO Council visiting Ansaldo (part 3)
VLT Structure
VLT - Mirror Casting - 1993 - clip 7
ESO Council visiting Ansaldo (part 7)
VLT Construction
ESO Council visiting Ansaldo (part 8)
M1 Mirror Transport Clip 2
VLT Mirror is Polished Clip 1
M1 Mirror Cell
M1 Cell Arrival in Chile
M1 Dummy Cell Positioning
VLT Structure Rotation
Paranal Weather Station
Paranal Weather Station
VLT - UT1 and UT2 - December 1996
M1 Mirror Stress Testing
Basecamp at Paranal
ESO Council visiting Ansaldo (part 9)
Polishing M1 Mirror
Drilling of the M1 Mirror
M1 Cell Rotation at REOSC
ESO Council visiting Ansaldo (part 2)
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