The remarkable star SDSS J102915+172927 in the constellation of Leo (The Lion) Working on the High Order Testbench Chinese Delegation visits Paranal X-rays, dark matter and galaxies in the cluster Abell 2744 Pandora’s Cluster (combined Hubble and VLT view) Starry Night in Northern Chile Postcards from the Edge of the Universe at the JENAM 2010
The ALMA-Herschel Workshop 2010 Celebration at Paranal (1996) Lore in Training E-ELT is becoming a physical reality First planet of extragalactic origin (artist’s impression) ESO Workshop on Central Massive Objects (June 2010) ELT Meeting in Marseille, November 2006
AT4 under the night sky VLT´s UT2 coating VLT´s UT2 coating VLT´s UT2 coating Assembly of the first Backup Structure View of Licancabur volcano from the ALMA Operations Support Facility An ALMA antenna on Chajnantor
E-ELT site testing — Cerro Tolonchar / Chile Detail of the honeycomb structure around SN 1987A Departing to Salto de Pelluhue from ESO Vitacura E-ELT site testing — Vizcachas / Chile MUSE cryogenic system ALMA Antenna Procurement ALMA Antenna Procurement
ALMA Antenna Procurement Active Phasing Experiment (APE) for the ELT ALMA Work at Jodrell Bank Observatory ALMA OSF ALMA Work at Jodrell Bank Observatory ALMA Operations Support Facility IRAC
ALMA High Altitude Test Facility EMMI ALMA antenna docking pad. Wild Donkeys NTT Control Room ESO Infrared Instrument NTT IRSPEC instrument
NTT M1 Mirror NTT M1 Mirror EMMI WFI CCD Cases EMMI NTT Adaptor Rotator The NTT Remote Control Room
NTT Remote Control Room 1-m Telescope Experiment ALMA Staff The La Silla Hotel ALMA transporter Field around the planet-hosting star CoRoT-7 Betelgeuse in Orion (with annotations)
Celebration of the first antenna acceptance by the ALMA Observatory An Unexpected Streak in a MASCOT image The Hooked Galaxy and its Companion - annotated image Meteor Caught in the Act (MASCOT) Near-Infrared Flare from Galactic Centre VLT Interferometric Tunnel VLT YEPUN
VLT Mirror Washing Unit VLT at Paranal Mirror Above the Mirror Cell Transport Passing Through the Base Camp Mirror and Mirror Cell Outside the Maintenance Building Mirror Transport Operation Succesful: Mirror Installed
Top End of MELIPAL UVES Cover Third MELIPAL M1 Cell VLT Active Optics Simulation (artist’s impression) ADONIS Mosaic of the Her 36 Area in M8 Coudé Echelle Spectrometer (CES) Bright supernova in the LMC
ESO Open House Day 2011 Cover of Science in School 29 — Summer 2014 Planets Align Over La Silla (labelled) Screenshot of Astroimages Application for Smart TVs Herbert Zodet The new planetarium and exhibition centre at ESO Headquarters A celebration of MUSE at the Observatoire de Lyon
The MUSE instrument shortly before it was shipped to Chile The Solar Twin HIP 102152 in the constellation of Capricornus Vitacura A Conference on Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution Earthquake Proof! Deformable secondary mirror Science Day 2013 at ESO Headquarters
Visits to Paranal Map of ESO Outposts in Chile Assembly of the ESO 1-metre telescope Refilling liquid nitrogen into the X-Shooter Wide-field view of the sky around the spiral galaxy NGC 1637 Austrian and Portuguese Ministers for Science visit Paranal Moore Meets Melnick
The Submillimeter Array (SMA) on Mauna Kea, Hawaii Complete set
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