Mercury Transit on May 7, 2003

Short Notes for Students and Teachers

The organisers of the "Venus Transit 2004" educational programme have prepared some useful information sheets for students and teachers in connection with the transit of planet Mercury across the solar disk on May 7, 2003.

They are available below in different languages and formats and may of course be copied freely (more will follow soon)

Note also the useful weblinks at the bottom of this page.

Introduction to the Mercury transit event

Basic information about the Mercury transit event, specially prepared for students and teachers.

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Information about Mercury

Information about the innermost planet in the solar system, Mercury .

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Information about the Sun

Information about our central star, the Sun .

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You can have access to recent solar images (from ground-based telescopes and SOHO), via the dedicated webpage at the Observatoire de Paris.

Links to some Mercury Transit webpages

Here are some useful links to webpages providing information about the Mercury Transit on May 7, 2003: