ESO User Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Phase 2 Issues (OBs, Finding Charts, and README File Preparation and Submission)

Do I need to submit my Phase 2 material from the ESO User Portal web page?
No, the preparation of your Phase 2 material will not change. The creation and check-in of observing blocks (OBs) will still be done with the P2PP software. A new version of P2PP is available for download which must be used together with your User Portal credentials.
Can I continue to use my old P2PP userid for the creation and submission of Phase 2 material (OBs, README) with P2PP?
No, you must use your new User Portal credentials. This is only possible with the most recent version of P2PP (version 2.13.1). When you log into P2PP V2.13.1 you will see your username reflected as uppercase, independent of the case of the letters you type. P2PP V2.13.1 is case-sensitive for the password.
Can I look at my OBs, Finding Charts, and README files from the User Portal?
No, this is not possible. You should continue to use P2PP for this.