ESO User Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Archive-Related Questions

Can I browse the science archive from the User Portal web page?
Logging into the User Portal is not required in order to browse the archive, but it is required to request data. To browse the archive you can either click on the link "Browse the archive" in the navigation bar on the left of the main User Portal page (, or go directly to

To request data from the archive requires you to be logged into the User Portal. If at the time you request the data you are not already logged in you will be presented with the User Portal login page.

I have moved to another institute. How can I change my shipping address?
With the ESO User Portal you have full control over your contact details, including your address. Once you are logged into the User Portal (, you will see a link called "Manage Profile" in the lefthand navigation bar. After you click that you can change the details of your profile, including your address. Remember to click on "Confirm Profile" at the bottom of that page to register your changes.