The list of instruments 'available' for DRM simulations and their parameters were never strictly defined. Rather, it is assumed that the instrumentation suite of the E-ELT will be similar to the set of phase A instrumentation studies. In other words, simulations should assume an instrument that is similar to one of the phase A concept studies.

The following table provides a list of 'virtual' instruments that served as a starting point for the DRM during its early phase.

Instrument Wavelength range
AO mode Field of view and sampling Comments
Diffraction Limited Imager (DLI) 0.7–2.5 LTAO or MCAO 30"×30"
2.5 mas/pix
Desired: up to 2'×2' FoV with 10 mas/pix.
Lower λ limit set by detector.
Single field IFU 0.5–2.5 split between two arms LTAO or MCAO 1"×1"
5 mas/pix
50 mas/pix
Lower λ limit set by trade-off between resolution, spectral coverage in one shot and efficiency.
R=3000–20000. R=3000 covers at least one band (J,H,K). Coverage in one shot to be studied for R=20000.
Multi-field IFU 0.7–2.5 MOAO, possibly GLAO or MCAO Circular patrol field: 5' diameter
Individual IFUs: ~1.3"×1.3"
50–75 mas/pix
Lower λ limit set by detector.
R=3000 (covering at least one band in one shot).
Multiplex >= 20.
Desirability of a larger patrol field up to D=8' to be justified.
XAO imager and IFU 0.6–1.8 (goal: 2.4) XAO, 200×200 actuators 2.5"×2.5"
Nyquist sampling of diffraction limited core at 600 nm (TBD)
R=50 (Y–H).
Polarimetry + classical imaging (600–900 nm).
High resolution spectroscopy TBD.
Ultra-stable high resolution spectrograph (HRS) 0.38–0.7 Seeing limited 1"×1" R=150000.
Full spectral coverage in 1 shot.
Mid-IR imager
L–Q LTAO? 35"×35"
3–5 μm: 9 mas/pix
5–25 μm: 17 mas/pix
Narrow and broad band filters.
3–25 LTAO? 1"×1"
sampling at 1.5×FWHM
R=500, one band in one shot.
R=3000, spectral coverage in one shot = λc/3.
R=50000, spectral coverage in one shot = λc/50.