E-ELT science case meeting, 08-10 November 2004, Florence.


Sunday, 07 November

19:00   Informal reception
The reception will be held at the Convitto della Calza (the meeting venue). Drinks and food will be provided courtesy of INAF-Arcetri.

Monday, 08 November

Morning: Introduction
09:00   ELT projects worldwide: Update [30 min] G. Gilmore
09:30 European design study update [30 min] G. Monnet
10:00 Status of European ELT science case and goals of this meeting [30 min] I. Hook
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Status of Design requirements for European ELT [30 min] P. Salinari
Afternoon: Key issues for discussion at this meeting
14:00 Planets & Stars [20 min] H. Zinnecker and R. Rebolo
14:25 Stars & Galaxies [20 min] M. Merrifield and S. Ortolani
14:50 Galaxies & Cosmology [20 min] J. Bergeron and B. Leibundgut
15:00 Coffee
15:30 Three parallel break-out sessions:
Planets & Stars Stars & Galaxies Galaxies & Cosmology
Hans Zinnecker and Rafael Rebolo Mike Merrifield and Sergio Ortolani Jacqueline Bergeron and Bruno Leibundgut
Each parallel session consists of:
  • Contributed talks from working group members
  • Development of science cases
  • Planning and writing sections for the science book
  • Writing down requirements on design
  • Comparison with other planned facilities (30m, JWST, TPF, etc.)

Tuesday, 09 November

Morning: Talks on instrumentation and AO
09:00   Issues for ELT instrumentation Colin Cunningham
09:30 Issues for ELT Adaptive Optics Roberto Ragazzoni
10:00 1st Generation Adaptive Optics for OWL: preliminary simulations Christophe Verinaud
10:30 Coffee
11:00 The European Virtual Observatory Anita Richards
11:20 Scientific advantages of Antarctic sites Chris Tinney
12:00 Parallel break-out sessions (cont.)
Afternoon: parallel break-out sessions (cont.)
Evening: Meeting dinner
INAF-Arcetri are providing the meeting dinner which will be held at the restaurant "Il Latini", in the center of Town.

Wednesday, 10 November

Morning: Summary and conclusion
09:00   Summaries from Group Chairs [30 min each]
Planets & Stars H. Zinneker and R. Rebolo
Stars & Galaxies S. Ortolani
Galaxies & Cosmology B. Leibundgut
10:30 Discussion and next steps
What Next? Gerry Gilmore
Timeline Isobel Hook
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Plans for IAU Symposium on ELTs (Nov 2005)   Michel Dennefeld
Date of Next Meeting
12:00 End of meeting

The afternoon of the 10th and the morning of the 11th are reserved for the Group Chairs to develop the written science case and requirements document.