E-ELT science case meeting, 28 April 2003, Oxford.


NameScience area
Jacqueline BergeronG+C
Roger Davies S+G / G+C, design study
Gerry Gilmore S+G, design study
Isobel Hook G+C, design study
Robert Laing G+C, design study
Bruno Leibundgut G+C
Mark McCaughrean P+S
Mike Merrifield S+G
Simon Morris G+C
Sergio Ortolani S+G
Suzie Ramsay-Howat P+S, instrumentation
Adrian Russell Instrumentation, design study

Attending by phone

Philippe Dierickx Design study
Hans Zinnecker P+S

Abbreviations for main science areas: P+S = Planets and Stars, S+G = Stars and Galaxies, G+C = Galaxies + Cosmology.