E-ELT science case meeting, 28 April 2003, Oxford.


13:00   Background on ELT design study plans & timescale of work [30min]
ELT = European Large Telescope [15 min] Gerry Gilmore
Status of European FP6 design study proposal [15 min] Philippe Dierickx (by phone)
13:30 Overview of requirements on the science case [15 min] Isobel Hook
13:45 Summary of science cases, by subject area:
Planets & Stars [20 min] Mark McCaughrean and Hans Zinnecker (by phone)
High time-resolution science [10 min] Mike Redfern
Stars & Galaxies [20 min] Mike Merrifield and Sergio Ortolani
Galaxies & Cosmology [20 min]
Note that for the 100m the results in this presentation depend on the exact telescope performance estimates which are only very preliminary.
Jacqueline Bergeron and Bruno Leibundgut
14:45 Other contributions:
Large telescope science case work at Durham [20 min] Simon Morris
ELT instrumentation [20 min] Adrian Russell
15:30 Tea
16:00 Discussion & Plans [~1.5 hr]
Timetable of science case work (what is needed when)
Suggest people for working groups in each science category
17:30 Finish