The proceedings of the workshop will be published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, as part of their Conference Series.

The editors will be: Gautier Mathys, Sami K. Solanki and Dayal T. Wickramasinghe.

All the scientific papers (talks and posters) presented at the workshop will be published.
The page allocation for the various types of contributions is as follows:
- long invited talks (40 min), sessions 1-5: 10 pages, including 1 page for the discussion
- long invited talks (40 min), session 6: 12 pages, including 1 page for the discussion
- short invited talks (20 min): 6 pages, including 1 page for the discussion
- contributed talks (20 min): 6 pages, including 1 page for the discussion
- posters: 4 pages
Page allocation will be strictly enforced.

Papers exceeding the allocated length will be returned to their authors for shortening. Such iteration represents a waste of time and effort: authors are therefore urged to make sure that their contribution fits within the allocated space before submitting it. The ASP sets strong emphasis on publishing conference proceedings shortly after the meetings, and as part of the publishing agreement, the editors had to commit themselves to delivering the manuscript quickly to the publisher.

In order to meet this commitment, the deadline for submission of the papers by the authors has been set to:

** MARCH 1, 2001 **

The editors strongly urge all the authors to stick strictly to this deadline.
Late papers cannot be guaranteed to be included in the proceedings volume.

Manuscripts must be prepared in LaTeX using the ASP Conference Series style file: newpasp.sty
(if you don´t know where to put the file on your system, just leave it in the same directory as your paper).

Please also download the corresponding USER´S MANUAL, which can be used as a template for your paper: newpaspman.tex

Process your document with LaTeX (requires the use of newpasp.sty) and read it before
preparing your contribution.

Figures should normally be supplied as encapsulated PostScript files

For submission of the paper, its LaTeX source and the PostScript files of the figures should be sent by e-mail to, before March 1, 2001.

Please do not use for inquiries, if you have questions please address them to:


Figures will, by default, appear in black and white in the proceedings volume (free of charge), whether they are submitted in black and white or in colour. If you submit figures in colour and you wish them to appear in colour in the volume, you MUST explicitly request it from the editors.

Your request should be sent by e-mail to (before the March 1, 2001 deadline), and it should include a statement by which you commit yourself to paying the extra costs corresponding to colour reproduction. These costs will, without exception, be charged to the authors.

Authors of oral contributions (invited and contributed) are reponsible for editing the text of the discussion following their presentation, and to enclose it with their manuscript. For this, they should refer to the pink discussion forms that have been completed at the workshop and returned to them at the end of it.

The discussion should appear on a separate page at the end of the paper (after the bibliographical references;
between the lines: \end{references} and \end{document}).

They should be typed according to the following example:




\noindent SOLANKI: Although I do not share your view that Belgian chocolate is better than Swiss chocolate, I would be interested in knowing your opinion about Chilean chocolate.

\noindent MATHYS: This is a good question, but a difficult one. In short, Chile is reputed for the quality of its sky for astronomical observation, not for its chocolates. Belgium is just the opposite.


The discussion page is reserved; the editors will not accept that part or whole of it be used for extension of the text of the contribution beyond the nominal space allocation.