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Posters with Ref-ID from 1 to 24 will be presented during the 1st pop-up session Tuesday afternoon (16:45 - 18:30).

Posters with Ref-ID from 25 to 47 will be presented during the 2nd pop-up session Thursday afternoon (16:45 - 18:30).



Ref-ID Name Poster Title
1 Alonso-García The VVV survey: a window to the inner Galactic globular clusters
3 Braga Distance determination to Omega Centauri with optical, NIR and MIR photometry of RR Lyrae
5 Dametto
Probing the Circumnuclear Stellar Populations of Starburst Galaxies in the Near-infrared
6 Degl'Innocenti
Temporal evolution of the habitable zone (HZ) of low-mass stars
7 Demirbozan Spectral energy distribution with new UV data of the HUDF galaxies at different redshift
9 Diaz-Garcia
MUFFIT: a MUlti-Filter FITting code to explore the stellar content of galaxies in photometric surveys
10 Diaz-Garcia Sizes, formation epochs and stellar population properties of red-sequence galaxies up to z~1
11 Dries Stellar Population Synthesis - a Bayesian approach
12 Eadie Bayesian Mass Estimates for the Milky Way
Lithium evolution in POP II pre-main sequence stars with overshoot and accretion
14 Fukue First application of line-depth ratios to determine stellar effective temperatures with H-band spectra
15 Fusco The star formation history of NGC 6822
17 Greggio The Stellar Halo of NGC 253
18 Groenewegen The VMC survey
19 Grosboel
On Optical and NIR Selection of Young Clusters in Grand-Design Spirals
20 Hamanowicz Evoultion of Balmer Becrement with redshift in star forming galaxies
Jacyszyn OGLE-ing the Magellanic System: Stellar populations in the Magellanic Bridge
23 Kacharov Influence of the Galactic tidal field to the internal rotation globular clusters
24 Katkov
Counter-Rotating Stellar Populations in Disc Galaxie
25 Koleva Stellar population properties of transition type galaxies in the Centaurus A group
26 Lagioia The temperature distribution of Horizontal Branch Stars in Galactic globular cluster
27 Longobardi The extreme outer regions of M87, where stellar halo blends in the ICL. The planetary nebulae  perspective
28 Martínez Vázquez
RRLyrae stars in Local Group dwarf galaxies
29 da Silva Detailed elemental abundances of nearby thin disc G-K dwarfs: Galactic chemical evolution effects for exoplanet studies
31 Musella Structure and Evolution of the GAlaxy: the STREGA@VST survey
Narbutis Stochastic effects in star clusters
34 Pawlak
Giant-giant and giant-dwarf ellipsoidal binary systems in the Large
35 Pietrukowicz
The old populations of the Galactic bulge according to OGLE RR Lyrae stars
36 Podorvanyuk How to measure the initial mass function with high precision
37 Portail Dynamical modelling of the Galactic bulge: Mass and IMF
38 Prada Moroni
Uncertainties in grid-based estimates of stellar ages
39 Ripepi The VST survey of the SMC and the Magellanic Bridge (STEP): first results
41 San Roman The J-PLUS Survey:  Understanding the Formation and Evolution of M33
44 Troisi
On the helium abundance of Galactic Globular clusters
45 Wang
Do globular clusters have Na-rich AGB stars?
46 Wegg The Structure of the Milky Way's Bar Revealed by Red Clump Giant Stars
47 Yamamoto SUBARU/IRCS Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Young Cluster GLIMPSE9 in the inner Gal