RASPUTIN: Resolved And unresolved Stellar PopUlaTIoNs

ESO Garching, October 13 - 17, 2014

Goals of the workshop

The study of stellar populations is one of the most relevant diagnostics to constrain galaxy formation and evolution. Quantitative analyses of the stellar content of stellar systems pave the way to `convert'  starlight into physical quantities like stellar masses, chemical abundances and star formation rates, and to trace back in time the evolution and the chemical enrichment history of galaxies.

The main goal of this workshop is to share observations, models, techniques and recent results. Detailed discussions on the methods will favor new and tighter exchanges of ideas concerning our view of galaxy evolution. Particular emphasis will be given to the current limitations affecting the intrinsic degeneracy of the multi-dimensional parameter space (age and metallicity distributions, IMF, kinematics, reddening law, dust), and to the possible solutions to build a more unified and coherent picture of galaxy evolution.

During the workshop together with the current state of the art we will also discuss the impact that E-ELT and its first generation of instruments will have on resolved and unresolved stellar populations.

There will be no conference fee.


Contact the organisers at: rasputin@eso.org


Important dates

        > Extended to 26 September

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