This programme is preliminary.  We encourage all the working group members to arrive the day before the workshop for informal working group meetings.

This programme is preliminary.

Tuesday, 16 Jan
All Day Informal Working Group meetings For those able to arrive early, please do so.  This is a good opportunity to meet face-to-face with your working group before the workshop.
Wednesday, 17 Jan
09:00 Coffee Reception  
10:30 Welcome Barcons
10:45 Introduction/background on ESO Large Single Dish Study Testi
11:20 LST introduction/overview Kawabe
11:55 AtLAST overview Bertoldi
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 AtLAST Science Overview Klaassen
14:05 short working group introductions by WG directors WG heads
15:00 WG breakaway sessions (all but science WG)  
15:30 Coffee Break  
16:00 WG Breakaway sessions continue  
17:00 Discussion / Town Hall?  
17:30 end day 1  
Thursday, Jan 18
  Talks on complementary telescopes  
09:00 The role of APEX as a pathfinder for ATLAST Wyrowski
09:20 Applicable Lessons from the IRAM 30m Telescope Schuster
09:40 The Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT/GTM 50-meter) Hughes
10:00 CCAT-Prime Riechers
10:20 coffee  
10:40 The Origins Space Telescope (OST) Staguhn
11:00 Current Status of the Greenland Telescope (GLT)  Matsushita
11:20 Prospects for future synergies between SKA and AtLAST  Wagg
  Talks on instruments   
11:40 The NIKA2 large field-of-view millimeter continuum camera for the 30-m IRAM telescope Monfardini
11:55 The polarization-sensitive bolometers for SPICA and their potential use for ground-based application Reveret
12:10 On-chip spectrometer development of ALMA and the OST? Noroozian
12:25 Large format, background limited arrays of Kinetic Inductance Detectors for sub-mm astronomy  Baselmans
12:40 Lunch  
13:40 First light of DESHIMA on ASTE: on-chip filterbank spectrometer for submillimeter wave astronomy  Endo
13:55 Heterodyne Array Receiver Development at KOSMA Graf
14:10 Prospects for Supra-Terahertz Spectroscopy from Chajnantor Menten
  science talks  
14:30 Blind spectroscopic galaxy surveys using an ultra-wide-band imaging spectrograph on AtLAST and LST  Kohno
14:45 Ground-based submillimeter spectroscopic cosmological surveys and synergies with space FIR surveys Spinoglio
15:00 Poster overview -- 4-5 minutes each  
  Plunkett, Burkutean, Bourne, Chiong, Hacar Gonzalez, Zhang, Baryshev, Khudchenko  
15:30 Coffee Break and poster session  
16:30 Continuum and line emission of star-forming galaxies and development of a new sub-mm IFU Lagache
16:45 Galaxy cluster astrophysics and cosmology from a large aperture sub-millimeter telescope Basu
17:00 Time-Domain Sub-mm Astronomy. Measuring the Accretion Variability of Deeply Embedded Protostars. Johnstone
17:15 Cosmic Star Formation --- Seen from the Milky Way with AtLAST Kauffmann
17:30 GEco - Galactic Science with CCAT-p  Schilke
17:45 Discussion  
18:00 End day 2  
19:00 Workshop Dinner  
Friday, Jan 19
09:00 WG reports  
10:30 Coffee  
11:00 WG reports continue  
12:30 Lunch  
14:00 Closing discussions / breakaway  
16:00 end day 3