Single Dish 2018 - Aims of the Workshop

The worshop will  teach the participants about data and reduction techniques for mm und submm single-dish telescopes and interferometers, using both line and continuum data The workshop will consist of introductory lectures followed by hands-on tutorial sessions on ALMA single-dish data reduction in CASA, spectral line reduction of submm data in CLASS, bolometer software for APEX instruments (BoA for LABOCA, Scanarmorphose for ArTeMiS), and the combination of single-dish and interferometry data in CASA.

We expect the participants have already installed and tested the required software of their laptop computers:

The tutorials will be done on already calibrated datasets, so the participants can concentrate on the specific single dish issues, and on the combination with interferometer data. Depending on the interest and the range of expertise level of the participants, there will be two different tutorials per topic.