Single Dish 2018 - Lecturers and Tutorial Leaders

The following lecturers and tutorial leader will participate:

  • Phillippe André: BoA+Scanamorphos, the ArTéMiS IDL pipeline
  • Andy Biggs (ESO Garching): ALMA observing strategies
  • Sandra Burkatean (IRA-INAF, Bologna, Italy): CASA SD. Array combination
  • Carlos De Breuck (ESO Garching): Overview of APEX capabilities
  • Katharina Immer (JIVE): CLASS
  • Dirk Muders (MPIfR, Bonn, Germany): CLASS
  • Jérôme Pety (IRAM & Observatoire de Paris, France): CLASS
  • Dirk Petry (ESO Garching): CASA
  • Helene Roussel (IAP, Paris, France): BoA+Scanamorphos
  • Frederic Schuller (CEA, Saclay, France): BoA+Scanamorphos
  • Thomas Stanke (ESO, Garching, Germany); CASA SD, Array combination
  • Peter Teuben (University of Maryland, College Park, USA): Array combination
  • Martin Zwaan (ESO Garching): Overview of ALMA capabilities