Program Overview

All times are in Germany times, i.e. Central European Summer Time.

Monday, September 7 – Chair: M. Rejkuba
13:45 CEST M. Petr-Gotzens Introduction
13:50 M. Rejkuba/M. Sterzik Opening [Video]
14:00 B. Leibundgut/ A. Merand Opportunities with ESO optical and infrared telescopes [Video]
14:40 M. Romaniello/A. Micol The ESO Science Archive [Video]
15:40 Coffee/Tea/Water Break  

Reflex hands-on session: MUSE [Video]

17:00 End of day  
Tuesday, September 8 – Chair: M. Petr-Gotzens
11:00 CEST   Reflex hands-on session: UVES [Video]
13:50 CEST M. Petr-Gotzens Introduction
14:00 W. Freudling Doing your own Data Reduction – Pipelines at ESO  [Video]
14:30 S. Moehler
Running ESO pipelines: Demo of ESOReflex [Video]
15:15 L. Coccato How to use Python to Customize  ESO Pipeline Workflows [Video]
Coffee/Tea/Water Break  
16:00 L. Coccato Correcting Spectra for Telluric Absorptions [Video]
16:30   Reflex hands-on session: GRAVITY [Video]
17:30 End of Day  

Reflex hands-on sessions on MUSE, UVES, and GRAViTY will likely take place. Other sessions will depend on demand.


Please see also the slides and videos of the first edition of this Workshop for additional useful information:

as well as videos about Reflex at