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Online conference, October 21-22, 2020  

    09:45-13:45 UTC


Scientific Rationale

UVES, the UV-Visual Echelle Spectrograph, saw the first light on VLT-UT2 in 2000. Over twenty years, this highly efficient, reliable and flexible “workhorse” instrument has contributed data to countless science cases from Solar System to high-redshift objects, from the study of newborn stars to the analysis of the most primordial ones ever detected, formed shortly after the Big Bang. It quickly became the most productive ESO instrument in terms of published papers, a distinction it still holds to this day. For these reasons UVES is one of the two first-generation VLT instruments (together with FORS2) foreseen to remain in operation in the next decade, and it will thus be in need of an upgrade, both to prevent obsolescence of components, and to maintain its competitiveness in a changed scientific and instrumental landscape. In this virtual  workshop we intend to celebrate 20 years of great UVES science and envision the future role of the instrument. Ten prominent scientists will resume the history of UVES, outline the scientific highlights of its long career and offer their insights on how to best equip it to help tackle the scientific questions of the next decade. A final discussion session will address the possible future instrumental upgrades, to balance technical constraints with scientific needs, and help to define a set of compelling science cases.


Conference email: uves2020@eso.org

Organizer: ESO