SciOps 2022: Artificial Intelligence for Science and Operations in Astronomy

16 to 20 May 2022



Technologies associated with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science, deep learning, and neural networks  are already embedded in our daily lives. Also astronomical research is deeply impacted by the advances of AI technologies. The large amount and complexity of data produced by modern astronomical facilities require AI based technologies to allow efficient processing, and novel, synoptical, analysis and discovery methods. They add value to both engineering, observatory  operations and science, with the final goal to enhance data exploitation. 

Building on the success of the previous series of similar events (link here), this ESO/ESA workshop aims to facilitate the exchange of current developments and applications of AI enabled technologies in science operations for space- and ground-based astronomical facilities. We plan to examine the entire scientific operations workflow starting from proposal and observation preparation, scheduling and execution of observing programs, data analysis and archiving. 

Topics will include:

  • Boosting the science return of astronomical research through AI applications across the entire science operations workflow, in particular in the fields of proposal selection, observation preparation,  data reduction, data analysis, and science archives.

  • Applications of AI in the operation of astronomical facilities, including science operations, engineering and maintenance operations, as well as science and engineering data management.

  • Highlights of AI-enabled science results.



We plan a four day workshop in May 2022. In order to facilitate direct exchange and interactions, a real meeting in the ESO-Garching premises is preferred. If required by the pandemic situation, a virtual or an hybrid meeting is possible as a backup solution.



The workshop requires a formal registration, but no fee will be charged. In case a physical meeting is possible, the number of attendees may be limited. 

For information please contact If you want to receive future information on the workshop, please fill in the registration form.