Late Breaking News

March 24, 2021


After a successful first commissioning of the new IRLOS tip-tilt sensor for the MUSE narrow-field mode, for P108 proposals with the following limits can be accepted:

- Non extended objects: J < 17 mags. For tip-tilt stars with 16.5 < J < 17.0 the turbulence category must be 10% and the airmass lower than 1.3.

- Extended objects: J < 15 mags

For P108 users should use the current maximum of 14 magnitudes and add a comment in the OB stating the actual magnitude of the tip-tilt star.
Preliminary performance figures will be placed in the News section of the MUSE pages as soon as they are available.

Users should be aware that there is another commissioning run in April when further numbers might be provided.


March 22, 2021


Bad weather and technical issues caused some delays in the below mentioned investigations. Itis expected that an update with firmer numbers will be available by 24 March.



March 16, 2021


A new SAPHIRA detector and cryostat has been installed in IRLOS to replace the old HAWAII-1, and commissioning is ongoing. With this change the adaptive optics system should deliver a corrected wavefront for NFM observations with infrared tip-tilt stars 2 magnitudes fainter.

We expect to have firmer numbers by March 21st.  Please stay tuned to this page.