Hiding in Plain Sight — the elusive Carina Dwarf Galaxy A Blood Moon over ESO’s Headquarters By the Light of the Moon OmegaCAM, the monster camera of the VLT Survey Telescope The VLT Survey Telescope observing on a moonlit night A New Era for Astronomy Monuments of Science*
IRAS 13481-6124 and its cradle Planet around Beta Pictoris Moving ALMA antennas to the Atacama Compact Array pads An infrared/visible comparison view of the Cat’s Paw Nebula VLT Telescopes at Paranal VLT Auxiliary Telescope at Paranal at Sunset NTT at La Silla
La Silla Telescope Ring An ALMA antenna on Chajnantor Moonlit panorama at La Silla APEX Image Calendar, July 2010 — APEX Chajnantor Facilities seen from Cerro Chajnantor The Moon in Conjunction with Venus and Jupiter (artistic composition) SEST and Control La Silla Observatory
APEX Paranal in Atacama desert Mount Paranal VLT Auxiliary Telescope * Very Large Telescope Wide angle view of APEX antenna Comet McNaught
Telescopes at La Silla VLT Platform Paranal Observatory - Instruments (current) VLT Chajnantor plateau, APEX and ALMA AOS A Trio of Super-Earths (artist's impression) SN 2006X, before and after the Type Ia Supernova explosion (artist's impression)
The ALMA Prototype Antennas The Be Star Alpha Arae (Artist's Impression) The Alcatel Alenia Space/ European Industrial Engineering Prototype Antenna ALMA Prototype Antenna VertexRSI on the ATF Test Site at VLA (New Mexico, USA) In Tarantula Territory (c) Barred Galaxy NGC 1365 Morning Light Over La Silla
Sculpting La Silla’s Skies A Bird’s-eye View of ESO E-ELT Groundbreaking Crater Full View of Atacama at Night Milky Way Stretches Across the Chilean Night Sky Milky Way Arcs the Chilean Atacama Sky The Full Chilean Night Sky
Full View of the VLT Platform at Night The Full Paranal Night Sky Red Paranal VLT Platform Fulldome View Dark Chilean Skies Full Perspective of La Silla 3.6m Telescope Fish-eye View
Fulldome View of the ESO 3.6-metre Telescope La Silla Fulldome Perspective Milky Way Arcs La Silla Milky Way Revealed Above La Silla Night Sky Daytime Fulldome Perspective of La Silla SEST Cloudscape Fulldome Perspective of SEST at Night
SEST at Dawn Fulldome View from Cerro Murphy Full Perspective of the NTT The Road to the Future SPHERE images the dust ring around the star HR 4796A Cloaked in Stars Belt of Venus
Milky Vista The colourful star cluster NGC 3590 Ewine van Dishoeck and Tim de Zeeuw at the ESO 50th Anniversary Gala Event Big and Bigger The Paranal-Armazones area Artist’s impression of the magnetar in the star cluster Westerlund 1 Star Trails over Atacama Desert Cacti
Cosmic Hole Atacama Fish-eye Atacama Sunset Golden Milky Way Hangs Brightly over the VLT VLT Shows off the Night Sky Beasts of burden Atacama Moonset
Milky Way Points Down to Cerro Paranal Ultra HD Expedition day 3 - Small and Large Magellanic clouds above the VLT Ultra HD Expedition day 3 - The skies above the Residencia On the road to Armazones VST Snaps Gaia en Route to a Billion Stars Installation of VLT Instrument MUSE Working on ALMA
VLT's Adaptive Optics at work Rosetta's Comet VLT snap of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in October 2013 The path of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in October 2013 Bright Night at Paranal ALMA Antenna and the Moon Equine Visitors
Two naked-eye galaxies above the VLT Composite view of the galaxy NGC 1433 from ALMA and Hubble
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