NTT - Active Optics Support NTT in its Enclosure ALMA Antenna Prototype A plume on Betelgeuse (artist’s impression with annotations) Radar Images of 2000 PH5 The Starburst Galaxy NGC 908 The Hooked Galaxy and its Companion
Gas Pillars in Tarantula Nebula The Colossal Cosmic Eye NGC 1350 Solar Neigbourhood Stars in the Milky Way galaxy (artist's view). Which Ringed Planet...!? In Tarantula Territory (g) Distant Cluster MS 1008.1-1224 ISAAC mounted at ANTU
Persistent Dust Jets at Comet Hale-Bopp The Library at ESO Headquarters Five Hours at Paranal Nightfall at Paranal Sunset over Paranal Day at Paranal Magellanic Clouds over Paranal
 ESO’s Very Large Telescope array Operations Support facility at Night Operations Support Facility Atacama Compact Array Icy outcrops Moon eclipse from La Silla Panorama of VLT and control building
PARLA laser at the VLT Swirling stars above the VLT Annette Schavan The Telescope, The Laser and the Moon Halfway There: 33 ALMA Antennas on Chajnantor Galactic backlighting ALMA antennas
Chilly La Silla The original site Artist’s impression of the dwarf planet Eris ALMA Antennas ALMA Antennas The Czech President’s Galaxy Entrance of ESO Headquarters
Opening UT1 Panoramic view of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope's dome Four ALMA antennas on the Chajnantor plain The VLTI Delay Lines An Ancient Cluster of Stars Against a Stunning Background The ESO VLT Yepun Telescope Opening A stellar black hole
TRAPPIST First Light Image of Omega Centauri Moving ALMA antennas to the Atacama Compact Array pads The Cluster of Galaxies Abell 315 The ESO 3.6-metre telescope at La Silla at night An ALMA antenna on Chajnantor APEX, the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment, on Chajnantor VLT at Paranal
The GOODS-South field Extracts from the VISTA infrared image of the Orion Nebula The launch of the Voices from the Universe book Comet McNaught Comet McNaught Licancabur on the Way to ALMA Chajnantor Panoramic View December 2005 *
ALMA antennas FLAMES at the VLT ALMA antennas VLTs Stretch Into the Distance Paranal-Gegenschein The Laser Guide Star on the VLT Nebula around star cluster RCW 38
The Earth-like Planet Gliese 581 c (artist's impression) NGC 92 in H-alpha DEM L 144 near N44 in the Large Magellanic Cloud Centaurus A – Field 2 (Halo) Centaurus A – Field 1 (Shell) Nebulae Near the Hot Wolf-Rayet Star BAT99-2 in the LMC Close-up of N44C in the LMC
Interferometric observations: Fringes from two stars of different angular size Interferometric observations: Change of fringes with increasing baseline The Orion Nebula: The Jewel in the Sword UVES at KUEYEN with cover partially lifted B68, the Black Cloud Image from panoramic webcam at Paranal The Milky Way over ALMA
The Milky Way over UT4 ALMA's Cool Universe Rosetta’s Comet is Waking Up Composite image of Supernova 1987A Volcanic Peak AEM Consortium’s facility Startrails
Paranal Control Building Chajnator under snow PARLA laser at the VLT Sunset Panorama at the VLT ESO’s Paranal Observatory by night The Very Large Telescope ESO 3.6-metre telescope at La Silla Observatory
Challenging journeys ALMA antennas
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