ALMA antenna at OSF backlit by the Sun APEX Image Calendar, April 2010 — And we have the control room, our offices, a terrace, well everything you need to work... E-ELT site testing — Cerro Armazones / Chile Around the Cat's Paw Nebula Spectrum of the planet around HR 8799 Comet McNaught Comet McNaught
NTT Control Room The Southern Cross ALMA antennas Auxiliary Telescope Paranal A Cosmic Flame The VLT Auxiliary Telescope
Moon over the Andes Zodiacal Light Seen from Paranal The Auxiliary telescopes on the Paranal Platform Laser Guide Star Facility (LGSF) Meeting at the RITZ NTT Control Room The field around HD 87643
The Star T Leporis to Scale NGC 3576 The Region Around MWC 147 Peering at Uranus's Rings as they Swing Edge-on to Earth for the First Time Since their Discovery in 1977 The DPS Deep 3 Field (Detail) Model Image of Cepheid L Carinae Supernova 2005dh and Spiral Galaxy NGC 1559
Artist's impression of the triple asteroid system, 87 Sylvia Evolution of Comet Tempel 1 Part of the LMC H II Region N214 NGC 2108 Stellar Cluster in the LMC Big Stellar Cluster in the Blue Dwarf Galaxy NGC 5253 Six Nightly Views of Titan's Surface Colour-Composite of the Sky Field with Several High-Redshift Galaxies
BN/KL Complex in the Orion Nebula Peering into a Star Factory The Birth of a Supernova Remnant Centre of Merging Galaxy System ESO202-G23 New Year's Eve at the Very Large Telescope Milky Way Arcs Over ALMA Preparing for the Night Ahead
The Cherenkov Telescope Array A gallery of bipolar planetary nebulae The Hexacopter over ALMA APEX Outside Distant Panorama Laser on UT4 Instruments of wonder  The Laser Guide Star of Paranal in operation
PRIMA, a VLTI Instrument VLT at twilight The Dawn of the Atacama Compact Array (ACA) End of the night at Paranal Observatory Aerial view of La Silla, seen from the North ALMA antenna moving home ALMA antenna on a transporter
ALMA antennas ALMA antennas The Very Large Telescope Spanish Minister for Science and Innovation Visits Paranal and ALMA First European ALMA antenna on its way to Chajnantor The Science Train visits the Antofagasta Region The Great Barred Spiral Galaxy
Starry Night at Paranal* Around IRAS 13481-6124 Four Japanese antennas for ALMA Dramatic Moonset APEX Image Calendar, January 2010 — Last sun rays of the day hitting the antenna The Globular Cluster NGC 3201 Comet McNaught
MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope MPG/ESO 2.2m - Evening View Grand Opening of IYA2009 in Berlin ESO Flags HAWK-I at VLT HAWK-I Auxiliary Telescope 2
Aerial view of Paranal Observatory The REM Telescope The Cluster Collinder 261 The Four ATs at Paranal The Field around Baade's Window  Spiral Galaxy Messier 100 Zoom-in on the Einstein Ring on a Region in Fornax
The Orion Nebula (M42)  The AT1 and the domes of the 8.2-m Unit Telescopes The Paranal Residencia Auxiliary Telescope Station Detail of the Sombrero Galaxy ESO 1.52-m telescope The Swiss 1.2-metre Leonhard Euler Telescope at La Silla
Gamma-ray burst buried in dust (artist’s impression) In View of Our Cosmos Combining Forces to Reveal the Faintest Objects in our Universe Ultra HD Expedition day 8: on Chajnantor plateau just before sunset Capturing the Ultra High Definition Universe (annotated) Babak Tafreshi at ESO Paranal Artist's impression of the central bulge of the Milky Way
Flamingo in the Desert The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) antennas
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