Cerro Armazones at Sunset VLT at Paranal The galaxy cluster MACS J2135-010217 lensing SMM J2135-0102 NGC 300 X-1 in the spiral galaxy NGC 300 Starry Night at ALMA ESO Headquarters The ESO 3.6-metre telescope at La Silla
Enclosures in moonlight  Cosmic Birds: The Eagle and Swan Nebulae KUEYEN Observing The Rosette Nebula: A Cosmic Rose ANTU Enclosure  ALMA Transporter Opening Ceremony La Silla
Auxillary Telescopes Moving an ALMA Antenna Weather balloons on Paranal in support of the E-ELT Shell around V445 Puppis (October 2006) Shell around V445 Puppis (December 2005) Shell around V445 Puppis (March 2005) Around the nova V445 Puppis
Titan's surface Simultaneous Views of Titan's Surface and Atmosphere NACO Images of Titan's Surface Titan Surface Projections Quasar (24.5 mag ;z~4) in MS 1008 Field White Dwarf Stars in Globular Cluster NGC 6397 VLT at Paranal
Central Star Cluster in NGC3603 Lensed Quasar MG0414+0534 Colour rendering of Tarantula Nebula in LMC Colour rendering of Orion Nebula area Galaxy Cluster Abell 370 Aerial View of the ESO Headquarters in Garching Christoph tests UHD equipment at Paranal
Ultra HD Expedition day 5: starry night over the VLT  La Silla - Evening Four of the Stunning ALMA Antennae ALMA antennas on display PARLA laser at the VLT Japanese ALMA antenna Annotated map of VISTA’s view of the centre of the Milky Way
VLT Auxiliary Telescopes under the Orion Constellation Auxiliary telescopes at ESO's Paranal Observatory A 7-metre ALMA antenna on a transporter ALMA antenna transported to Chajnantor Assembled E-ELT mirror segments undergoing testing One of the launch telescopes for the VLT Four Laser Guide Star Facility Close-up view of the star HD 85512
ESO's New Compact Laser Guide Star Unit Tested ESO's New Compact Laser Guide Star Unit Tested Opening NTT Electric Supercar on the VLT Platform Cerro Armazones before the E-ELT Around NGC 1788 The Fornax dwarf galaxy
Milky Way above Paranal ESO Headquarters Opening Ceremony of the ALMA Transporters ALMA antennas The Laser Guide Star for the VLT Seagull's egg in desert ANTU Enclosure rotating
ALMA Transporter The Heart of a Powerful Telescope * Paranal under the northern and southern sky The Laser Guide Star on the VLT ESO 3.6-metre telescope The Carina Nebula Cerro Paranal
Vitacura Office: Front View Aerial view of Paranal Observatory An ALMA antenna arrives on the plateau of Chajnantor for the first time The ALMA Antenna Transporter The Globular Cluster Omega Centauri(MAD/VLT) Imaging Titan with a Tunable Filter Titan, the Enigmatic Moon, and Huygens Landing Site
Images of Titan on November 20, 25 and 26, 2002 Through Five Filters (VLT YEPUN + NACO) The HARPS spectrograph High-Resolution Spectrum of the Star HD100623 (Raw) Chandra Deep Field South (Detail) View of NTT Peak Tarantula Nebula Cluster of Galaxies-1ESO657-55 (V-band)
Galaxy Cluster Abell 370 First VLT Excursion into Deep Space The Unusual Quasar HE 2347-4342 Omega Centauri Unveiling the Dark Regions of the Universe with ALMA The Hexacopter A Long and Dusty Road
the Chajnantor Plateau Aerial view of La Silla Observatory E-ELT vs. Allianz Arena Galactic backdrop Architect’s rendering of the new ESO Headquarters Extension (daytime) Looking down at VISTA's mirror The Moon over La Silla
 Snow at the Chajnantor plateau Snow at the Chajnantor plateau
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