FORS1 mounted at ANTU Galaxy Cluster CL2244-02 with Gravitational Arcs A Strange Supernova with a Gamma-Ray Burst A Strange Supernova with a Gamma-Ray Burst FORS1 First Light - Distant cluster of galaxies First Images from VLT Science Verification Programme Flags at ESO Headquarters
Surface map of Luhman 16B recreated from VLT observations (annotated) Star Trails Above the VLT osf-upper-antennae-pano VLT domes at night Simulation of gas cloud being ripped apart by the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way ESO Very Large Telescope Revealing a hidden Universe
Building the VLT Aerial view of ESO headquarters One of the four Unit Telescopes of the VLT in its dome ALMA view of the Antennae Galaxies The star cluster NGC 2100 in context The first ALMA antennas on Chajnantor VLT´s Auxiliary Telescopes Opening
Hubble image of the distance-record galaxy UDFy-38135539 An asteroid that has split due to rotational fission (artist’s impression) Sunrise at the VLT Platform The Dome of the Paranal Residencia The E-ELT grows on Cerro Armazones (II) Distant view of Chajnantor Detailed annotated view of a section of the Large Magellanic Cloud
Infrared/visible comparison of an extract from the VISTA Orion Nebula image Comet McNaught Comet McNaught Comet McNaught ANTU (UT1) and AT1 Magellanic Clouds ― Irregular Dwarf Galaxies The Double Cluster in Perseus
ANTU Enclosure - 1998 Paranal Platform - 1996 The Jewel Box cluster and the Coalsack Nebula Aerial View of ESO Headquarters in Garching near Munich Galactic Centre and Black Hole The ALMA Antenna Transporter The ALMA Antenna Transporter
Nebula around SN1987A VISTA at Paranal Map of Titan's Surface AO-corrected Image of a 17.5-magnitude Star Meteor Caught in the Act (MASCOT) Stellar cluster and star-forming region M 17 Sky Field with OGLE-TR-113
Sky Field with OGLE-TR-132 Centaurus A – Field 1 (Shell) Bright Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster Cluster of galaxies CL0053-37 in NGC 300 field The Solar Corona Infrared Wide Angle View of RCW 108 Infrared Wide Angle View of RCW 108 (Detail)
Detail of N119 in the Large Magellanic Cloud Cluster of Galaxies-1ESO657-55 Galaxy Cluster MS1008.1-1224 Very Distant Galaxy Cluster EIS0046-2930 Enclosures under Construction UT Enclosures in the Evening Light The star that exploded on February 23 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Last colour photo before the supernova explosion in LMC Fiery Sundown An Extraordinary Universe VLT under a clear night Startrails hanging over La Silla Vitacura guesthouse from above Clouds over Paranal
VST enclosure at Paranal ALMA correlator Panoramic of Paranal basecamp Paranal staff Spectrum Dome light Powerhouses
Residencia Entrance Working on ALMA CO2 cleaning of mirrors at the VLT ALMA assembly site ALMA 360-panorama VLT panorama Unit Telescope of the VLT
A Plant at the VLT AT Opening of the NTT APEX panorama The white penitents Integration lab Optical Cleanroom ALMA panorama
Circumpolar startrails over the Atacama Cover of The Messenger No. 149 The Atacama Desert in bloom Under the Large Magellanic Cloud VLT Unit Telescope The ESO 3.6-metre telescope at La Silla Observatory ALMA antennas on the Chajnantor Plateau
ALMA antennas Construction of an ALMA antenna
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